OhioSMART announces board changes

OhioSMARTCLEVELAND — It is with a heavy heart that the OhioSMART board announces the resignation of JlynnHoney.

She has been with us as Secretary for four months now and has helped us as we have kicked off our start as your 2016 OhioSMART board. We will be sad to see her leave us, but we know that sometimes our personal lives have unexpected changes that prevent us from doing that which we truly wish to do. We thank her for her willingness and desire to help and wish her well on what life brings her.

Due to this change we also have two additional announcements.

We are proud to announce the promotion of Zia1982 to OhioSMART Officer, and new Secretary.

She was elected as an At-Large Board Member of the 2016 OhioSMART Board. Her tireless efforts have helped keep OhioSMART running smoothly. We are all fully confident in her ability to take on these additional responsibilities and trust her to do so.

Finally, we are excited to announce the appointment of Baseborn_King as OhioSMART At-Large Board Member.

In his time at OhioSMART he has been a regular attendee and has helped on innumerable occasions as a volunteer, signing up to PSM, setting-up & tearing-down for parties, and volunteering for other OhioSMART events. We look forward to having him join the OhioSMART Board and trust he will aid us and the community in his new position.

We thank you, our community and membership, for your continued support.


Beast D & the OhioSMART Board