Ohio Valley Regional Drummer names new titleholders

(Above) Ohio Valley Regional Drummer Aaron Eldridge and Ohio Valley Regional Drummerboy Brady Abrams

COLUMBUS, Ohio —  The new Ohio Valley Regional (OVR) Drummer is Aaron Eldridge and Brady Abrams is the new OVR Drummerboy.

The judging panel had long term community members Gregg Lakota, Aazura Bowers, Jessica Fidget, Kelvin Davis, Jack McCullum, Puppeh Scuff and Uncle Geno.

Aaron and Brady will go on to compete at Drummer North America, representing the Ohio Valley Region, in Las Vegas in February 2018. This region is one of 11 that will be represented early next year.

DNA is a kink, leather, fetish contest and weekend which fosters an inclusive community celebrating and supporting who we are. Embracing our strength and power in each of us. www.DrummerNA.com.

In addition to the contest, dancers and entertainment, two community awards were presented.  Gregg Lakota was this year’s winner of the DAYL Award. Tina Landi the Woman of the Decade Award.

Follow the annual roll out of weekend events, contestants, judges etc on DNA’s Facebook page: Drummer North America – DNA