Ohio Pup and Handler Contest, March 23-25

Ohio Pup and HandlerCLEVELAND — The first Ohio Pup and Handler Contest will be held on March 23 through 25 in Cleveland.

This event weekend will be full of moshes, classes, and of course the first Ohio Pup and Handler contest! The only requirements for competing as a pup or a handler is that you are a resident of the state of Ohio, and you are at least 21 years old. Winners, if they so choose, can go on to compete at the Great Lakes Pup and Trainer contest at GLLA in 2018.

Leading the charge on this exciting weekend is Pup Bjorn of Cleveland, and Pups Magnus and Havok of Cincinnati. When asked about the weekend pup Bjorn said, “I think this weekend will fill a need to not only bring out more handlers and get them involved in a different way, but also foster growth in the growing handler community in the state of Ohio.”

“It has been really exciting to bring this event to life. The community support has been fantastic and it’s awesome to see how many folks want this to happen.” said pup Havok, who currently holds the title TriState Puppy 2017.

While some of the weekend staff is still being finalized, the event will be emceed by Elisa Vegas, your International Ms Bootblack 2017, while the judging panel will include pup Dodger, your International Pup and Trainer Puppy 2017, Caressa Lyric Dunn, your International Pup and Trainer Trainer 2017, and pup Dane, your International Puppy 2018, boy Kaz International Leatherboy 2018 and Counselor Ochumaré Onyx, president of Onyx Great Lakes.

If you are interested in competing email ohpahcontest@gmail.com for an application. All applications must be received by March 16th 2018.

You can RSVP at the Facebook event.