Ohio LGBTQ anti-discrimination bill moves forward in committee

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A bill that would outlaw discrimination against LGBTQ people is moving forward in committee with testimony from the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

Radio station WOSU reported that this was the first time that a anti-discrimination bill has gotten more than one hearing in almost 10 years.

From WOSU:

The language has taken the form of several bills since 2009, this session it’s found in HB160.

Republican House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger sees this as an important step forward on an issue he thinks should be taken seriously.

“I’ve always continued to say I think there’s a way forward in several of those areas and it’s something we’ll continue to look at,” said Rosenberger, who continued. “I think it’s an important step and it’s a bill that’s getting heard and I think I don’t want to diminish it just because the chamber’s come forward on it so I think it’s an important step regardless.”

The last time the bill received more than one hearing was in 2009 when a Democratic-controlled House passed the bill.