November 3 Touch n Munch

PORTER, Ind. – Alright!! The event page is up for next Saturdays munch! RSVP as soon as you can so we can get a round about number of how many may attend.

Hope to see you all there!!

Come on out and join us as we celebrate the first munch of November, Touch n Munch style!

Come for the food
Stay for the drinks
Come for the conversations
Be there to share your kinks

As always we are Newb friendly! Come on out and have a good time with people from just about every walk of kink out there.

You can find our group by looking here,
Take a look around, join us, and stay a while!

21 and over please

Date & Time: Saturday, November 03, 2012 · 6:00 PM –11:59 PM
Leroys Hot Stuff

333 west hwy20, Porter, In. 219-405-0907 @ map

Cost: Separate checks! Your dinner. Your drinks.Your sitter.
Dress code: Anywhere from casual to medium kink attire is ok.

Used with permission