Northern Decadence – ONYX/Midwest Play Party this weekend

CHICAGO — ONYX/Midwest is hosting the Northern Decadence play party this weekend in Chicago.

The club is inviting people to bring their favorite toys and to enjoy the space.

From their invite:

Pictures are not allowed to be taken inside the premise.

No direct genital contact is allowed on the furniture/equipment.

This is a drug and alcohol free space. Just like during regular member hours, drugs and/or alcohol are not allowed on the premises. All parties are expected to be sober upon entry.

For the play party, the dress code is play clothing which includes: Anything Leather, Rubber, Neoprene, Latex, Uniforms, or Underwear.

This space is for you to explore and learn from the different types of play. Your participation is suggested, expected and highly encouraged.

RSVP by emailing Location will be provided after RSVP.