NLA-Indianapolis is now Indiana Leather Club

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Leather Club (ILC) is born. At their July 26 business meeting, the membership of The Leather Group formerly known as NLA-Indianapolis voted to officially change their name to Indiana Leather Club.

The group, a former chapter of National Leather Association International, broke amicably with the parent group in May of this year.

Indiana Leather Club will maintain its current mission and educational purpose. ILC conducts meetings open to the entire community monthly with educational dinner/demos every other month. These dinner/demos take place at Santorini’s Greek Kitchen in Fountain Square in Indianapolis. Private members only parties are held on months without a dinner/demo. Special educational opportunities are also offered at various times of the year.

A Day of Leather classes are held in conjunction with the Indiana Leather Pride contest and is open to the community at large. ILC has an extensive lending library available to members, as well as, an official mentorship program.

Indiana Leather Club just started a new membership structure recently. Now, anyone who wishes to become a full member must first become an associate member where they are taught about leather history and must serve a number of volunteer hours for the club and the community. It’s an effort to transform the organization into a more traditional Leather backpatch club, create a greater sense of family and a stronger sense of community.

Indiana Leather Club