Nick Zuko’s TPAN’s Barlesque 6 Fundraiser

To kick off MIR weekend and to welcome everyone into Chicago ToucheChicago & I will be hosting a fundraiser for the Barlesque 6.

This year I have been selected to participate in TPAN Barlesque event where the more money donated the more clothes I take off 🙂 …

And in the spirit of Mr. International Rubber weekend Mr. Chicago Leather Nick Zuko will for the first time be in rubber that night and who knows maybe even rubber chaps to raise money for this TPAN.

This years theme is pajamas but since I sleep naked I figured I had to bring my gear side into the photos and the bar for this amazing night.

Donations will go from November 3rd thru Monday November 25th on the Barlesque 6 website.

He will be raffling off some great prizes and drink specials to come. All the proceeds will go to benefit TPAN.

Facebook Event Link: