Next MAsT: Buffalo Grove is scheduled for March 25

LRA Chicago – FetLife

Good day all. The next MAsT:Buffalo Grove meeting is scheduled for for Sunday, January 25th @ 7pm. The date was voted on and the majority felt having the meeting the fourth Sunday of every month fit better in to their schedule.

It will be held at 20800 N Raphael Ave, Prairie View, IL, 60069

For our topic for March, we will be discussing public and private protocols, why there is a difference, how you develop them and how you use them in practical situation!. Hope to see you there.

If at all possible, please RSVP to HouseORaven, or in this chat group. If not possible to RSVP, you are still invited to attend.

The MAsT:Buffalo Grove website is
If anybody would like to repost this, please do so. I am sure I will not hit every group.

Master Peter Raven
Illinois Master 2012