Next MAsT: Buffalo Grove (finally) is scheduled for January 22nd

Master Peter Raven
Good day all. Well, after many problems, we are finally getting back on track and scheduling our next MAsT:Buffalo Grove meeting for Sunday, January 22nd @ 7pm. It is being held later in the month due to a scheduling conflict but my goal is to have it locked in for the 2nd Sunday of every month starting in February, as was originally planned.

Our topic for February will be beginning our discussion on what is M/s and how do you know you are there.

If at all possible, please RSVP to HouseORaven, or in this chat group. If not possible to RSVP, you are still invited to attend.

The MAsT:Buffalo Grove website is

If anybody would like to repost this, please do so. I am sure I will not hit every group.