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CHICAGO – Hello Rubbery Perverts! IML is a mere 5 days away, and as usual we look forward to seeing many of you there! In this issue is information about all the rubbery happenings which will be at IML, including where to see Sly Hands, this years Mister International Rubber!


MIR will once again have a presence in The Leather Market at IML- Booth 1009 – right across from Nasty Pig and Mr. S.

Stop by our booth to get the latest information about MIR, purchase weekend packages, or get information on this years rubber agenda at IML!

  • MIR Logo Sleeveless Rubber T-Shirts ($69.00)
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We are offering a special future MIR weekend package discount at our booth and online at during IML only. Buy your MIR16 weekend package at our booth or online at during IML and receive a 10% discount on future MIR weekend package purchases. Packages are priced at $100.00 and include the Strict Rubber Dresscode Party! Weekend packages provide you with all you need to enjoy a weekend of fun, creativity, social networking, and lots of hot rubbery guys! Don’t miss out on this discount – get it while it lasts!!
IML: The Rubber AgendaAs always, we’ve pulled together a listing of events where rubbermen are likely to congregate during IML weekend. Here for your weekend planning is, THE RUBBER AGENDA!

Friday, May 25th, 3:00pm – 3:30pm 

Columbus Foyer – Hyatt Regency (East Tower – Gold Level)
Join members of the press, fellow rubbermen and other interested parties to hear about what’s coming up at MIR16, including the announcement of the MIR16 judges. In the foyer, just before the final down escalators into the IML market.
Friday, May 25th, 7:00pm-9:00pm
Acapulco Room – Hyatt Regency (West Tower – Gold Level)
The Chicago Rubbermen are once again at IML to help you start it off right! Join them at their annual Meet & Greet party in the Acapulco room. There will be a cash bar and the Chicago Rubbermen will be there to lube you up and make you slick and shiny for the fun weekend ahead.  A Facebook Event Page  has been created as well! 

Friday, May 25th, 10:00pm-2:00am
Hyatt Regency Ballroom B (West Tower – Gold Level)
The hottest gear party at IML, without having to leave the hotel! Gearblast once again will be held on Friday night in an expanded ballroom space to accommodate the large number of gearheads that come to this great event.  NO COVER!  
Saturday, May 26th, 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Elephant and Castle, 185 N. Wabash Ave.
Join our British titleholder in a British Pub! Eat, drink and be merry with your fellow rubbermen and friends. Elephant and Castle is a short walk from the Hyatt Regency and an even shorter cab ride! All are welcome. Individuals responsible for their own checks.
Saturday, May 26th, 10:00pm-4:00am
Jackhammer & The Hole
Recon heads back to Jackhammer and The Hole for FULL FETISH, the only sleaze and dance party of IML weekend.  Kick start your weekend with the hottest Leathermen, Rubbermen, guys in Uniform, Skin, or Sports Gear,  Pups and even the sexy Super Heroes you’ve been chatting with online or have seen around the hotel.  Tickets are available at the Recon Booth in the Leather Market.
Sunday, May 27th, 8:00pm-4:00am
North Side – Chicago, IL
Join rubbermen from around the globe in a private 3000 sq. ft. dungeon space for a rubber dress code party.  This party will be open to men in rubber gear only.  It is being held event in a private club space, and admission is limited to members. 24 hour memberships are available at the MIR Booth during market hours for a $20 membership fee. Photo ID is required. Membership will not be available at the event. Complimentary soda and water will be provided. Coat check will be available. Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the venue.
Monday, May 28th, 7:00pm-2:00am
Sidetrack, 3349 N Halsted, Chicago, IL
Join rubbermen, leathermen, bears, twinks and locals for a Chicago and IML Classic – Showtunes at Sidetrack! A perfect way to end you IML weekend. Slushies – Yum!
As always if you have any questions about these events, or anything rubber related during IML weekend, stop by the MIR Booth in the market and let our pack of rubber pervs help you out…or check out the new MIR@IML page on

International Rubber Calendar

This is a listing of the rubber events & events with strong rubber followings happening around the world which are predominantly gay or gay friendly. So get to googling, then gear up, grab some lube and make some new friends around the globe!
Who knows, you might even get lucky! 
2012 Rubber and Rubber Friendly Events

5/19 : London – Hard On Club
5/24 – 29 : Karlsruhe – Rubberpride
5/25 : Manchester – Alert!
5/25 : Vienna – Hard On
5/25 – 28 : Chicago – International Mister Leather 34
5/26 : Karlsruhe – Rubneo
5/26 : Vienna – 100% Fetish
5/26 : Copenhagen – Rubbernight
5/26 : Amsterdam – RSG Party
6/1 : Vienna – Hard On
6/1 : San Francisco – RMSF Red Light Rubber District
6/2 : Vienna – Hard On “Rubber & Skin”
6/3 : Birmingham – Alert!
6/8 – 10 : New Orleans – Gulf Coast Gummbalaya
6/8 – 10 : Los Angeles – Erotic City
6/9 : Manchester – Alert: Defcon One
6/9 : Amsterdam – XXXL
6/10 : London – Gummi “Top To Toe” 6/16 : London – HardOn Club
6/16 : New York – Skintight
6/17 : New York – Folsom Street East
6/22 : Manchester – Alert!
6/23 : Los Angeles – Anvil Club
6/23 : Chicago – Chicago Rubbermen
7/6 : San Francisco – RMSF Red Light Rubber District
7/7 : Copenhagen – Rubbernight
7/8 : London – Gummi “Second Skins”
7/9 – 15 : Fetish Week London
7/14 : Chicago – Chicago Rubbermen Anniversary Party
7/21 : New York – Skintight
7/21 ; Chicago – Mr. Midwest Rubber
7/27 : Manchester – Alert!
7/28 : London – Hard On Club
7/28 : San Francisco – Bay Of Pigs
7/29 : San Francisco – Up Your Alley (FKA:Dore Alley)
7/29 : San Francisco – RMSF Phoenix
8/3 : San Francisco – RMSF Red Light Rubber District
8/9 – 12 : Toronto – Mr. Rubber Toronto
8/11 : Manchester – Alert: Defcon One
8/12 : London – Gummi “Rubber Jocks & Chaps”
8/18 : London – Hard On Club
8/18 : Chicago – Chicago Rubbermen
8/24 : Manchester – Alert!
8/25 : Los Angeles – Anvil Club
8/25 : Amsterdam – RSG Party
9/7 : San Francisco – RMSF Red Light Rubber District
9/8 : Berlin – Folsom Europe
9/8 : New York – Skintight
9/15 : London – Hard On Club Birthday!
9/22 : San Francisco – Magnitude
9/22 : Chicago – Chicago Rubbermen
9/23 : San Francisco – Folsom Street Fair
10/5 : San Francisco – RMSF Red Light Rubber District
10/5 – 7 : Berlin – Mr. Rubber Berlin
10/6 : Copenhagen – Rubbernight
10/6 : Amsterdam – Mr. Rubber NL
10/6 – 7 : New York – Mr. American Rubber
10/13 : Manchester – Alert: Defcon One
10/20 : Los Angeles – Anvil Club
10/20 : Chicago – Chicago Rubbermen 10/27 : New York – Skintight
11/2 :  San Francisco – RMSF Red Light Rubber District
11/2 – 4 : Chicago – Mr. International Rubber 16
11/2 – 4 : Amsterdam – Leather Pride
12/7 : San Francisco – RMSF Red Light Rubber District
12/8 : Manchester – Alert: Defcon One
12/15 : Los Angeles – Anvil Club
12/15 : New York – Skintight
12/15 : Chicago – Chicago Rubbermen
2012: Advanced Warning
1/11-14 : Washington DC – Mid Atlantic Leather (Early due to Inauguration)
2/15-17  : Ft. Lauderdale – Mr. Florida Rubber