New Toronto Leather Pride Titleholders Announced


(From left) MLT 2014 Farrell Collier, MsLT 2014 Patty and MRT 2014 Andy Coatham.  (Photo by Rich Trove)

(From left) MLT 2014 Farrell Collier, MsLT 2014 Patty and MRT 2014 Andy Coatham. (Photo by Rich Trove)

TORONTO – Farrell Collier is the new Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2014, Patty is the new Ms Leather Toronto 2014 and Andy Coatham is the new Mr. Rubber Toronto 2014. The competitions were held on Saturday, August 10, 2013, at the Phoenix Concert Theatre.

Farrell Collier was born in Montreal but raised in Toronto. He is 53 years old and has three children at University whom he is very proud of. He has been on a journey for the past number of years after leaving his straight life behind and entering the leather community and lifestyle. It was here that he found the core values and caring friendship that he always wanted in his life. Farrell’s interests include: weight training, being a hockey goalie, collecting vintage TV shows and spending time with family and friends.

Collier now assumes the role as Toronto’s 24th leather ambassador in 2014 and succeeds the popular and handsome Robert Miller, MLT 2013.

First runner-up for the MLT 2014 title went to Jason Cole. Also competing was: Jeremy Feist and Rich McCarty.

Patty, Ms Northbound Leather 2014, was awarded the title of Ms Leather Toronto 2014 and succeeds Youkali Youkali, MsLT 2013, who went on to place first runner up at the International Ms Leather contest in San Francisco earlier this year.

Born in upstate New York, Patty has been happily transplanted in Toronto for seven years where she lives with her super-hot wife. Now a dual Canadian-U.S. citizen, Patty is a poly kinky switch who enjoys giving as much as getting. She has been involved in the Leather Community for over 13 years. She’s a board member of the So You Want to Be Kinky educational series, 2012 winner of the Heart of the Flag Federation Volunteer of the Year Award, a member of the Vajra Leather Family and Mama’s Family (Mama’s Canadian Uncle Patty).

After a decade absence, the Ms Leather Toronto Competition was revised in 2012. Also competing for the Ms Leather Toronto 2014 title was T’Hayla, who was also awarded the TLP 2014 Fellowship Award. The Toronto Leather Pride Fellowship award is selected by the contestants, from all three contests, whom best demonstrated friendship and camaraderie during the TLP Contest week.

Our new Mr. Rubber Toronto is Andy Coatham. He now assumes the role from the gorgeous and amicable Peter Rex MRT 2013 and will be Toronto’s 5th Rubber ambassador in 2014.

Andy is a young man heavily engrossed in a love for tight gear. It started with Power Rangers and Dean Cain as Superman and culminated in him learning to make his own rubber gear. Though Rubber remains Andy’s main interest, his interests in kink are broad, with a desire for bondage, role-play, submission, and of course Gear. There is little he isn’t interested in trying. Outside of kink, Andy can usually be found playing Pokemon, chatting with friends, texting or using social media, which Andy is admittedly heavily addicted to. There’s always time for Rubber.

HOTF/TLP takes the business of judging its competitions very seriously. The organization has established a longstanding tradition of building solid, experiences and that includes including both international and Canadian judges. The goal is to give TLP contestants a quality of judging equal to the International or Regional competitions where the new Mr. Leatherman Toronto, Ms Leather Toronto and Mr. Rubber Toronto may eventually compete.

Each year, the combined judging panels for the MLT, MsLT and MRT Competitions have the difficult responsibility of scoring a field of strong contestants.

The TLP 2014 judging panel consisted of members of the local community, including:

  • Steve Martin Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2007, TLP Head Judge
  • Tarna, International Ms Bootblack/Bootblack Toronto 2012
  • Bob Watkin, Mr. Black Eagle 2005
  • Sarah Pie
  • Alex Canning, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2013
  • Robert Miller, alternate judge, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2013.

From the national leather community were: Ottawa’s Mike Tattersall, Mr. Ottawa Leather 2010; from the international leather community, Jeffrey Payne-Roy (Dallas TX), International Mr. Leather 2009; Hobbit (Redmond, WA) International Ms Leather 2008; and Triskelan from Tampa Bay FL.

HOTF members Bootblack Buddy aka Jacques Coetzer, from Toronto and boy dana Prosser, from Atlanta served as tally masters for all three contests.

The dynamic duo of Local TV personality Deb Pearce and editor in chief of Xtra magazine, Brandon Matheson, emceed the competition at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on Sat., Aug 10th.

During the competitions the Toronto Leather Pride Award was presented to Cowboi Jen from Philadelphia, PA, The Toronto Leather Pride Award is presented on an annual basis to an individual or organization in the local, national or international leather community who has contributed significantly to the development of Leather Pride and/or Life Time Achievement.

Also during the competitions Master Jack Pearce also presented two president’s awards; one to Jeffery Payne-Roy, co-founder of the Sharon St. Cyr Fund, Inc. and the other to renowned kink photographer Inked Kenny. The president’s awards are given to an organization and/or and Individual in the local, national or international leather community who has contributed significantly to the sexual minorities’ community.

Moving to a whole week format this year, the TLP celebrations included 21 different events and sold out of VIP week passes shortly after it began. The proceedings were kicked-off with the first official Leather Pride March, continued with play parties at Steamworks and Oasis Aqualounge and with a series of leather/kink workshops presented by experienced and respected members of the local, national and international leather community. Participants enjoyed the dance music of DJ Neill MacLeod at Leather Ball XIX (19) at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on Saturday night, which was highlighted by special performances by Chris Edwards, Rainbow Ballroom Dancers and Lena Love and the MEN of Inked Kenny Photography. Leatherfolk also attended several other HOTF produced events including bar events at Woody’s/Sailor, Crews and Tangos and ended with the Cigar/BBQ Party at the Black Eagle Toronto on Sunday, August 11.

Toronto Leather Pride, under the corporate banner of Heart of the Flag Federation Inc., is a member based not-for-profit corporation/club that is dedicated to producing events that celebrate Leather/Kink/Fetish culture while promoting our community and our city.

HOTF is the proud producer of Canada’s largest leather fundraising events. We produce: the Toronto Leather Pride Week, which includes Leather Ball, Mr. Leatherman Toronto, Ms Leather Toronto and Mr. Rubber Toronto competitions & Leather Ball in mid-August. HOTF also produces Toronto Bound in mid-February and many other diverse events throughout the year, while promoting the sexual minorities’ community and our city.

All of our fundraising serves the community at large and Toronto’s sexual minorities’ community in particular. Each year the net proceeds of our events go to a beneficiary chosen by our titleholders.

Our charity of choice for 2013 was the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives.

In addition, TLP hosts scores of fundraisers, bar nights and educational workshops throughout the community, including many where we welcome out-of-town community groups.

Our events attract men, women and trans* people from all over North America, Europe and beyond.

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