New Olympus Leather titleholders sashed in San Diego

(From left) International Mx Olympus Leather 2018 Raven Darknights, International Mr Olympus Leather 2018 Ben Workman, and International Ms Olympus Leather 2018 Samsara. (Photo courtesy of International Olympus Leather)

SAN DIEGO — Olympus Leather Weekend 2018 (May 4-6, 2018) highlighted an impressive roster of contestants, an incredible luau, fantastic weather, and 3 new titlists. International Mr Olympus Leather 2018 Ben Workman, International Ms Olympus Leather 2018 Samsara, and International Mx Olympus Leather 2018 Raven Darknights. We welcome them to the Olympus Leather Family and look forward to them inspiring non-biased visibility as they promote a positive image of the leather lifestyle. They’re already making plans to attend next year’s Olympus Leather Weekend at Parliament Resort in Augusta, Georgia, May 3-5 and hope to see you there.

The weekend began with the usual introduction of contestants and the number draw. In attendance this year, vying for the Mr. International Olympus Leather title, were Mr. West Coast Olympus, Bill Willis; Mr. Mid-West Olympus, Sir Steel; and Mr. Great Plains Olympus, Ben Workman. The Ms. and Mx. titles had one contestant each, Ms. Great Plains Olympus, Samsara, and the independent campaign of Raven Darknights. After the number draw, the weekend continued with all of the contestants doing an outstanding job of representing themselves and the best that is Leather.

Friday consisted of interviews and a wonderful “Blades and Boots” salon with services provided by Barbers from Folklore Salon (Ponylee, Coral Lobera) and our fantastic community Bootblacks (Angel Marie, Crystalia, and Gabrial Majors).  The evening’s opening ceremonies included informative regional updates by the contestants. Karen Morris handled the MC duties with the usual wit and aplomb. Entertainment for the evening included charming burlesque performances by Ms. Sunshine and Trixie LaFontaine.

The Saturday luau was reported as being “the best food at any event, ever” and the roasted pig was perfectly done – a smorgasbord center-piece not to be missed. There were also plenty of non-meat choices as well and no one left unsatisfied. The festivities continued into the evening with the contestants, on stage, tackling both serious and silly questions and sharing their fantasies. The judges (Dr. Larry Burden, David Rhodes, Queen Raini, Kai Anderson, Preston “Wexx” So, Fred Anderson, Pixie Mary, and boyMatt) and audience all agreed that this year’s contestants were outstanding. Attendees showed their approval and support for this year’s candidates with over $4000 raised for the travel fund.