New Illinois Bear Family sashed

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CHICAGO — The Illinois Bear Contest was held this past weekend in Chicago. Four titles were given out, including the new Ms. Illinois Bear.

The winners are:

  • Illinois Bear 2018 – Crescendo Onyx
  • Ms. Illinois Bear 2018 – Belladona Logan
  • Illinois Cub 2018 – Jeremy Miller
  • Illinois Bear Hunter 2018 – Steven Wolfvien

The contest was held at Jackhammer in Chicago over the April 13-15 weekend. During the contest, Daddy G, Mr. Chicago Leather 2017, was also recognized for his volunteer work in the community with the Mr. Illinois Bear Service Award.

The Bear, Cub and Bearhunter winners will go on to represent Illinois at the North American Bear Weekend in Lexington in February 2019. Belladona is eligible to run for Ms. World Bear in 2019 and will be a den mama at World Bear 2018.

(Correction: We misspelled Belladona’s name in a previous version of this story and found out she will be eligible to compete at World Bear 2019. We apologize for the error.)