New Discount Available For Armed Services Members at the LA&M

The Leather Archives & Museum is proud to announce that beginning this year, we will be offering a 50% discount to veterans and active duty members of the United States Armed Forces who visit the museum during normal operational hours. This will make the rate for admission to the museum $5.00 to those visitors.

As the recent repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” made history by once and for all ending the ban on gays and lesbians from serving in the military, we felt it was time to honor all the men and women who serve our country to uphold the rights that particularly we at the Archives enjoy.

The LA&M building itself honors one of those men. Through a generous donation from Frank Theis and J.P. Weir during our Capital Campaign, our lobby is dedicated to the memory of Copy Berg. Berg was an Ensign in the United States Navy in 1976 when the Navy gave him an other than honorable discharge for being in a relationship with another man. Berg fought the discharge, and although he was not reinstated in the Navy, he did win an honorable discharge, which permanently changed the way in which the Navy handled such discharges. Berg went on to receive a Masters degree in design from the Pratt Institute, and became a well known and respected artist and designer.

The Leather Archives & Museum is proud to celebrate Berg’s legacy and the many others like him who not only served their country but fought and ultimately won against discrimination.

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