New community playspace to open in Indianapolis


INDIANAPOLIS – An Indianapolis kink community member has purchased a building on the city’s north side for use as a playspace, according to an announcement on several Indy area Fetlife groups.

The has remained anonymous to the general public, but has retained lawyers to protect against potential legal issues. According to the post by Fetlife member iLoveLamp, none of the local community groups such as Indianapolis Kink Society, Lafayette Alternative Lifestyles, IMAS or others were involved in the purchase. However, they have been invited to participate in the creation and planning of the space.

The site is commercial building located near 46th and Keystone. The facility is 7,500 sq ft, with a basement of equal size. The main floor has 10-foot ceilings with steel beam rafters and basement with eight-foot ceilings and concrete beam rafters. The building has a parking lot of roughly 24 spaces, half of which are surrounded by an electric fence, and additional residential parking.

iLoveLamp said that the space would likely become a private membership club with venue rental for local organizations. Once the building is set up, there will be events similar to how IKS does events at the 501 Eagle, with a small door charge. Part of the building will be rented out to businesses with the rest for community use.

To get things started, the building owner is asking for community help. They are asking for people to help with the demolition and build out of the space. They’ve put out a special call for tradespeople (electricians, plumbers, carpenters) to help guide the demo and build out.

And, of course they need some furniture for the space itself:

  • Bench seating- church pews, self-built bench, etc. No couches or bed will be used in the space.
  • Lockers- will be utilized in both women and men’s changing areas. Prefer to have option to add locks for long-term storage.
  • Medical equipment- exam tables, chairs, etc.
  • Kink furniture- can be store bought or home-made
  • Suspension hardware- chains, eye bolts, etc.
  • Etc- anything you believe the space could use for either, play, storage or otherwise

iLoveLamp added this information at the end of his post:

“We’re excited to be able to announce this large undertaking but are excited to see what comes out of the space we’ve been offered. Don’t hesitate to reach out, as there’s a crew of us boiling over with ideas to make this space the best it can be. If you’re willing to help with demolition, please fill out the following form. Feel free to reach out to myself or email with any questions. Thanks!”