‘Negotiations, What, Why and How’ at The Studio Tomorrow

CHICAGO – What the hell are Negotiations? Why do you need to negotiate? What are some of the things that need to be discussed during negotiations? You’re new, the person you want to play with is new, and how do you negotiate a scene? You’ve been around the block a few times how do you negotiate a scene? Does everybody negotiate?

Bring your questions and knowledge to the table it’s a group discussion!

This is the presentation/roundtable you don’t want to miss! Whether you’re new to bdsm and kink or more experienced your presence is welcome! Please join Black BEAT Chicago (BBC) Friday, 14 June, 2013 for our educational munch and play party.

Who should come?

*Newbies. *Been around a couple of years. *Hanging on the fringes. *Shades of “Greyers”. *Well mannered. *Ill mannered. *Old timers. *I know EVERYTHING. Black Beat Chicago welcomes EVERYONE no matter your race, religion, sexual preference, political leanings, etc.

We DO NOT welcome assholes!

Black BEAT Chicago, is a very good place to come to if you are new to the scene or just trying to decide.

You will be protected!

If you have any questions and/or do not know the address, please contact MsLash by midnight Thursday June 13th.

What’s happening and When:

*Munch/discussion/demonstration from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. *Play party from 9:00 pm to 12:45 am. *You must be at the educational portion in order to participate  in  the party portion. *Clean up time from 12:45am – 1:00 am. *Bring your own toys and hopefully a few friends. *Be prepared to clean up any food items you bring! *If there is a reason, (coming from work, babysitter will be late, etc.) you can’t make it at 7:30, let Ms Lash know as soon as you can.

Where is it:

*The Studio Chicago about 10 minutes southwest of downtown Chicago. *This location is accessible via public transportation. *Parking is approximately $5 and is available behind and beside the building.

Date & Time: Friday, June 14, 2013 · 7:30 PM – 1:00 AM
The Studio Chicago about 10 minutes southwest of downtown Chicago
The Studio                       @ map
Cost: $10 cash per person + food to share
Dress code: Vanilla Outside <-> Anything goes Inside