NCSF looking for new board members

BALTIMORE — The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) announced Monday that they are looking for new board members for the upcoming year.

From their email announcement:

The NCSF needs you! The NCSF is run by a Board of Directors consisting of 13 Board Members. Nine of the Board Members are elected at our annual business meeting by our Coalition Partners for a 2-year term. An additional 4 Board Members are appointed by the Board for a 1-year term.

This year 4 elected Board seats are open for a vote by NCSF Coalition Partners at our annual meeting on March 9th in Atlanta, Georgia. Current seated Board Members who are running for re-election are: Rudy Serra, Susan Wright and Keira Harris. Anyone is eligible to run for these 4 Board seats.

We also have four appointed seats that are filled shortly after the annual meeting by the nine elected Board Members. Currently those seats are filled by Ruby Johnson, Rich, Max Rulz and Russell Stambaugh. Anyone is eligible to be considered for an appointed Board Member seat.

The NCSF Board is a working board, so we all have jobs to do based on our skill sets. Board Members are expected to attend the monthly Board meetings via video conferencing to give input and take on responsibilities as needed. Board Members also attend local and regional events to represent the NCSF by tabling, speaking, giving consent discussions and other related programs for the NCSF. This is how we meet and interact with our constituents on a personal basis.

If you would like to become a Board Member of the NCSF, please send an email to by Thursday February 1, 2018. Please indicate your interest in one of the elected or appointed seats or both, and provide a short bio for publication in our notice of elections to our Coalition Partners and the public. Only Coalition Partners may vote for the elected Board seats.