Naughty Negotiation with Dr. Liz Powell at Early to Bed, July 26

CHICAGO — Are you looking for a way to have better sex? Do you feel like it’s hard to come to a good agreement about what you want to do without killing the mood? Do you ever feel awkward when talking about what you do in the bedroom? Have your hottest sex and best “scene” by opening your mouth! No, not like that 😉 Good communication skills are at the heart of success in relationships and this goes doubly when it comes to sex and kink. Dr. Liz Powell will teach you how to have the hottest scenes you’ve ever had by using better communication skills.

In this class we will:

• Learn how to make the conversation about what you want into a steamy session of foreplay!
• Learn how to talk about sex and scenes before, after, and during in a way that won’t kill the mood or break your D/s dynamic.
• Cover how and when to give your partner feedback to improve your experience and how to ask for feedback so you can make your partner’s experience unforgettable!

Presenter bio:

Dr. Liz believes that great sex can change the world. She is on a mission to help you have more meaningful, pleasurable relationships in life and work, as well as the bedroom. She’s a coach and licensed psychologist (CA 27871, AZ 4315) helping couples and singles develop self-confidence and honesty in their relationships, whether conventional or non-traditional. Dr. Liz makes regular media appearances, including as co-host as on the Life on the Swingset podcast. As a sex educator, Dr. Liz has spoken on many stages including the AASECT Annual Conference, CatalystCon, and the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. Dr Liz believes that being confident in who you are is the gateway to great relationships and great sex – and great sex, according to Dr. Liz, can change the world. Learn more about Dr. Liz at


Reservations are required. Feel free to email us at with any questions. Workshops are held at Early to Bed, 5044 N. Clark St. in Chicago and are open to persons of all gender identities and orientations, unless otherwise noted. Transpeople are always welcome.

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