My So Called Leather Life with Lady MJ, Fri, Oct 19 @ 9:30pm

CHICAGO – My So Called Leather Life, LRA’s storytelling series, continues this month with one of the TRUE (“twue”) legends of Chicago and longtime LRA member, Lady MJ.

Lady MJ has been active in the Chicago community for 5 years. It’s just a matter of picking which 5 years since 1995.

She founded CLAW, The Chicago Leather Alliance for Women, one of Chicago’s oldest discussion groups. She is a fully patched member and president of Trident International Windy City, Chicago’s oldest pansexual Leather/Levi Club. She was co-hostess of Vicious Valentine and Malicious Masquerade, Pansexual BDSM events, held in Chicagoland that earned Pantheon distinctions. She served on the board as well as a judge of Ms World Leather. She has been a speaker on various topics at numerous clubs and events locally as well as nationally including IMsL, Ohio Leatherfest, Beat Me in St Louis, and Menamore to name a few.

Her first passion is uniforms which has over-taken closet number three along with any kind of percussion play or opportunities to allow her inner sadist out. She is an active member of the Leather Rose Association and an associate to many Leather/Levi Clubs in the Midwest and Southeast. It is a well known truth that MJ knows where the bodies are buried in the Chicago scene, some of which she planted on her own. She has moved between the BDSM, Kink and Leather Communities since entering into the Chicago scene as a displaced New Englander.

This event is open to all LRA Members and their guests.

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