My So-Called Leather Life with CaraMea, Fri, June 15 @ 9:30pm


CHICAGO – This Friday, June 15 at 9:30pm, LRA is pleased to continue our monthly discussion series which focuses on the different paths and walks individuals have had in their kink journey. We all know that sometimes, Leather is used as an umbrella term for those involved in certain areas of kink. Sometimes the term Leather is ascribed for lack of a different term. We titled this discussion series “My So-Called Leather Life” (MSCLL) in part to help expose the different aspects of the lifestyle that may not always be classified as Leather, but are related and similar. Plus, sometimes we like to be sarcastic!

MSCLL features speakers who share with us their unique experience in not only the Leather lifestyle, but kink, rubber, fetish, poly, swinging…you name it. We are amassing a diverse group of speakers who can educate, inform and entertain all of us.

This month’s speaker is CaraMea!

CaraMea is known for her stocking collection, high heels, bold eyeshadow, and sometimes sassy ways by those in the kink world. When she’s not busy spreading glitter by night, she is a licensed mental health professional and educator by day who is serious about interpersonal relationships, open communication, and best practices for preventing problems before they occur. An open survivor of an abusive relationship and a single gal navigating the sometimes treacherous waters of kink on her own, she continues to learn from her experiences of being single in the scene. She can’t teach you how to tie a takate kote or safely punch someone during play, but she does love facilitating discussions on the gray-and-not-so-gray differences between abuse and kink, communicating with partners about triggers that play can invoke before, during, and after a scene, and creating and maintaining healthy kink relationships when playing on the edge.

This event will begin at 9:30pm sharp at LRA. To RSVP, you must send an e-mail to You must be at least 19 years of age or older and provide a government issued photo ID and older to attend.