Muskegon Munch, May 17th

MUSKEGON, MI – Veteran and beginner alike will benefit from the experience and knowledge of the first ever Michigan Master/slave Title Holders – Sir Travis and nikki – as they present at the Muskegon Munch on May 17th.

Class Description:

The Leather Path & Your Master/slave Journey- A primer for the curious

Both the Leather Lifestyle and Master/slave relationships can be greatly rewards, and awesomely powerful. They can also be a curiosity to outsiders or intimidating when wanting to learn more or begin your own exploration of either.

Together we will discuss and explore about what Leather can be, how to learn more, and ways to get involved!

We will also discuss the Master/slave dynamic, and share about our personal journey: past, present, and future!

General Munch Information:

Hopefully this will be the 1st outdoor munch of the 2014 season. So,bring your dish to share and an open mind.

This months Munch will be held at the home of Master Shihan & GoldenButterfly. For directions please contact the Munch hosts at this LINK!

Keep in mind W/we will meet at the Red Wok in Muskegon if the weather is bad.