Mr. Twin Cities Leather 2017 contest fills contestant pool in 15 hours

MINNEAPOLIS — At 5pm on December 17th, the contestant application for the 2017 Mr. Twin Cities Leather contest became available on the contest website. The contest producers seek a pool of 5 contestants to run for the title in February, 2017. 15 hours later, the 5th application had been received.

“We’re thrilled there are so many people out there who want to be the next Mr. Twin Cities Leather,” said Tynan Fox, CEO of Twin Cities Leather & Latte and contest producer. “We’re always hopeful that there are people thinking of running for the title, but we never expected such a rapid response. It’s almost overwhelming.”

Contestants were required to complete the application online, filling out some basic demographic information and answering a few questions. The contest producers announced the application was live through a heavy social media push on Saturday.

“I was lying in bed this morning [Sunday] and I got the push notification at 8:42am that we had received our 5th applicant,” said Fox. “I couldn’t believe it.”

According to the website, the Mr. Twin Cities Leather contest is a celebration of the leather community of the Twin Cities Metro area, and an opportunity to showcase the best and brightest of the Twin Cities for the rest of the world. The contest producers strongly value diversity in the community and encourage their contestants and titleholders to never let go of their personalities or pretend to be someone or something they are not.

The Mr. Twin Cities Leather contest’s major sponsors are Twin Cities Leather & Latte, and The Saloon bar. The winner’s prize package, furnished by them and other contest sponsors, is valued at over $5500 and includes:  Travel and lodging accommodations to CLAW 2017, IML 2017, and MAL 2018  A full set of formal leathers, custom tailored and altered  A custom Mr. Twin Cities Leather 2017 Title Patch and Vest  To proudly wear the Mr. TCL legacy sash for the title year

The contest weekend will be held February 17th-19th, 2017. Notably, there are no weekend packages or admission charges – all events through the course of the weekend are free. For more information, visit

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