Mr. International Rubber 2013 goes to New England

The contestants for MIR 2013 line up before the winners are announced. (Photo by Pup Ruff)

CHICAGO – Jason Lynch, Mr. New England Rubber 2012, won Mr. International Rubber 2013 on Saturday, November 3, at the Center on Halsted in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood

Brian-Mark, actor and former Cellblock Leatherman, was the emcee for both Friday and Saturday nights. Joining him were judges  Derek DaSilva, Sly Hands, Derek Harley, Chandler Bearden, Juergen Jakob, Alex Lindsay, and Dave Watt.

Jason Lynch answering his question during the MIR contest. (Photo by Pup Ruff)

There were 12 contestants this year, a new high number for MIR. They were Chad Singer, Mr. Florida Rubber 2012 1st Alternate; Doug Long, Eagle LA Mr. Rubber 2012; Tommy Schenz, Mr. Rubber Berlin 2011; Mayor David, Mr. SouthEast Rubber 2013; Marty Packham, Mr. Colorado Rubber 2012; Tony V, Mr. Rubber Netherlands 2012; RubberInuki, Mr. Rubber UK 2012; Collin Wood, Mr. Midwest Rubber 2012; Jason Lynch; Ian Menard, Mr. Rubber Montreal 2012; Peter Rex, Mr. Rubber Toronto 2013; and Steve Steward, Mr. Rubber Ottawa 2012.

The talleymasters for this year were Angel Valez, Mr. Chicago Leather 2011, and Vector Pup,  San Francisco Renegade 2010.

Friday night was the Rubber Image and Shower categories with Quesetion and Gift Bag categories on Saturday night. The Gift Bag is a category that seems unique to the rubber scene. Each contestant chooses a bag that has three relatively common household items and uses them for an impromptu scene with a very willing volunteer. Host Brian-Mark did one scene followed by all the contestants. It was capped off with MIR 2012 Sly Hands doing one more Gift Bag scene, only this time bringing up IML 2012 Woody Woodruff and MIR 2006 and MIR exec producer Rubberwilli on stage. That turned into a bit of a free for all with all the contestants jumping in to do various tortures. Or play, depending on the point of view.

This year’s contest differed from past years with audience voting being taken into account. When coming back from the first intermission, each audience member was given a ticket to put in a bucket as a vote for a particular contestant.

The runners up were RubberInuki of Cardiff as first runner up and Collin Wood of Cincinatti as second runner up.

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