Mr. Dunes Leather 2015 Contest Results

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Mr. Michigan Leather 214 Chuck Braidwood, Don Nilson, Mr. Dunes Leather 2014 David Peterman, Mr. Dunes Leather 2015 Pup Duke, Chris Grindel, & Owner of Mr. Michigan Leather Calvin Pohler. – Photo by Brad Link

DOUGLAS, Mich. – This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Second Annual Mr. Dunes Leather contest held at The Dunes Resort in Douglas Michigan. The contest started with the Emcee, Mr. Michigan Leather 2015 Josh Fortuna, welcoming everyone to the contest. Josh then introduced the Judges for this years contest; Mr. Dunes Leather 2014 David Peterman, Mr. Michigan Leather 2014 Chuck Braidwood, & Owner of Mr. Michigan Leather Calvin Pohler. This years Judges slave was Charity & the Contest Producer, David German The contest started with the Formal Leather & Introduction portion. This years contestants were Don Nilson from Grand Haven, Pup Duke from Fennville, & Chris Grindel from Three Rivers. Each contestant introduced himself and briefly described why he would like to be Mr. Dunes Leather 2015. The following portion of the contest was the Pecs & Personallity Portion of our contest. For those who have never attended a contest before, this is the portion of the contest where the contestants come out wearing their jocks and answer pop questions. My personal favorite question this year was about what member of the Avengers you would play with. I honestly wasn’t surprised when the answer was The Incredible Hulk.

Mr. Dunes Leather 2015 Winner, Pup Duke.

Mr. Dunes Leather 2015 Winner, Pup Duke. – Photo by Brad Link

The Mr. Dunes Leather 2014 step down speech followed. David Peterman gave an emotional speech about his year holding Mr. Dunes Leather Title and the brothers he made along the way. It was a very heartfelt moment that makes us all remember why these titles are so important to the Leather Community. The contestants were then marched out for one last look from the Judges. Josh announced the prizes for this years contest being that the first runner up would receive $50 and the winner of Mr. Dunes Leather 2015 would receive the Mr. Dunes Leather sash, a Mr. Dunes Leather 2015 patch, paid entrance for the Mr. Michigan Leather contest, & $200. This is the point in the evening (and this article) where the winner would be announced. The winner of Mr. Dunes Leather 2015, Pup Duke. Pup Duke will go on to compete at Mr. Michigan Leather 2016 in September at The Dunes Resort.

Thanks goes out to David German the Producer for Mr. Dunes Leather for all his assistance in our coverage of the event as well as the Dunes Resort for being such amazing hosts.

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