Mr. Bluegrass Leather 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. – I spent last Saturday night in Lexington, Kentucky.

I watched Sam Clemons step down from the Mr. Bluegrass Leather title, and watched Todd Maynard awarded the title of Mr Bluegrass Leather 2012.  Todd will go on to International Mr. Leather in May.

It was a great event and I was sorry to miss the Friday night Meet and Greet, which was held at Crossings Bar, one of the sponsors.  It was, to quote a friend who went, “packed,” and a good time was, I feel certain, had by all.

I got to town with Robyn from Indy, who is the current Indiana Olympus titleholder, about 2pm.  We ended up riding together, which was nice.

There was a great buffet contributed by Ms Tammy, and we sat and ate and chatted for a while, then the outgoing titleholder roast began.  I’d been asked to take part but really hadn’t had any flashes of what I was going to say.  I told drew about it the night before and he said, “Go with what you know.  Make fun of him for being gay, you know, gay time, that kind of thing.”

Which was sort of what I did.  I was glad to go last of four because it was good to see exactly how mean everyone was being.  I wrote about four things on a cocktail napkin, which I didn’t even look at.

I found, though, that my biggest laugh came from the small-dick theme of jokes, started by the other three roasters.

I said, “I don’t want to say Sam has a small dick, so I’ll just say this.  Button on a fur coat.”

After the roast, the judges did the interviews.  Robyn and I went and found a Mexican restaurant and hung out for a bit.

The judges were “Mama” Sandy Reinhardt out of the west coast; Sir Greg from Indianapolis, the current International Mr. Olympus Leather; Michael Gaines, whom I first remember meeting years back at a dungeon in Chicago for a friend’s collaring ceremony; Scott O’Brien (your Favorite SOB), current Mr. Missouri Leather; and Michael Messer, Mr. Exile Leather 2011.

Ms Tammy had asked me to do a skit with her there as part of the entertainment and had an idea for a skit, but given my level of OCD about such things, I wrote a “script” for it and padded it out, fleshed it into a sort of story, and we did that, with Ches and boy jonathan.

It got a big laugh, and let’s just say that it involved the two of us “hiding” behind curtains and a drape held in front of us while we watch Ches beat jonathan.  In the end, we make a bargain to share in the fun, but it turned out that maybe we weren’t as innocent as we implied.

We had three contestants, Russ Coulter, a friend of mine, Jack Lundy, and Todd Maynard.  The emcee for the contest was Dominick Zurlo.  John David Elam was back in town for the event, too, so it was nice to see him there.  Sir Rick and boy joe were there as well.  Chris Johnson was the tally person, and it was nice to see him, too.

Gabriel was the ASL interpreter, as he often is, and it’s always good to see him.  He is one of my “children,” in that he holds a title I conferred, Bluegrass Leather Pride Bootblack.

I was also asked to auction off the contestant baskets, which was fun and we did well.  The key is always to set up alliances, offer incredulous comments like, are you going to let her get away with that, are you going to let him take that basket back to the hell hole that is western Kentucky, etc.

You also remind them it’s “for the children,” which I will never hear or say without thinking of Randall Kinnear auctioning off items and telling us it was “for the children.”

Anyway, as I noted, Todd was named the new Mr. Bluegrass Leather.  Ms Tammy was the winner of the Connell-Stanley award.

Mama also paid me the compliment of asking me to become part of Mama’s Family, so I’m thinking of names.

At the moment, I’m partial to Mama’s Party Dominatrix.

What do you think?

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