Mr. Benson Trailer to Premier at CLAW

New Mr Benson CLAW

CLEVELAND – This upcoming weekend, Leather history is set to be reborn at CLAW with Mr. Benson: Resurrected and P.C. 835, two special events showcasing the development of TopMen Film’s adaptation of Mr. Benson, based on the classic Leather novel by the late John Preston. Produced in association with Cleis Press, the independent film is from a screenplay by award-winning theatrical writer Justin John Costello, and will be directed by award-winning film maker Hardy Haberman.

Mr. Benson explores the dark, fringe, hyper-masculine world of the gay leathermen in 1978 New York City. At the story’s core is young, arrogant Jamie, played by Shayne Carter, who leads the viewer through a tale of sexual and sensual awakening, danger, horror and even love when he tries to impress Mr. Aristotle Benson, played by Dan Lovell, at a notorious Meat Packing District leather bar. The cast of the films includes a mixture of established actors, adult celebrities and leathermen. Among them, Jack Parton, Hans Berlin, Adam Russo, CutlerX, Sir Merrill, Mike Tanner, Christian Mitchell, Matt Stevens. Hugh Hunter, Matthew Mullins, and Jesse Jackman.

On Friday, April 24th, the first of two events highlighting the development of the film will take place at CLAW. Mr. Benson: Resurrected will feature a panel discussion with Haberman and Costello, along with cast members Dan Lovell, Jack Parton, Jesse Jackman, Hans Berlin, Sir Merrill, Mike Tanner and Matthew Mullins. The ballroom will feature a table displaying a visual time line of Mr. Benson, from it’s premiere in Drummer Magazine and its publication in novel form, through the development of the screenplay, and shooting of the fund raising trailer, which will have its World Premiere at the event itself!

Immediately following the panel and trailer premier, guests will be asked to attend P.C. 835, a reception named after the notorious Mineshaft, a location featured prominently in Mr. Benson. Once guests get past the bouncer, they will have the opportunity to mingle and cruise with the characters from Mr. Benson, including the rhinestone cowboy Rick and Mr. Aristotle Benson Himself! Also on hand at P.C. 835 will be live casting for roles in the feature film itself, and a silent auction featuring film memorabilia, with proceeds donated to CLAW!

For more information on these events visit For more information on Mr. Benson the movie, visit, check out the film’s Facebook page, and follow on Twitter @MrBensonMovie.

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