Mr. 501 Eagle 2015 Miles Hosts “Leather and Fetish Mixer,” April 11

Miles McDonald , Mr. 501 Eagle Leather 2015

Miles McDonald , Mr. 501 Eagle Leather 2015

INDIANAPOLIS – On January 10th, 2015 a new “Mr. 501 Eagle” was named at the 501 Eagle Indianapolis. Miles “Milo” McDonald is the man currently walking his life path to IML 2105 as the new “Mr. 501 Eagle 2015”. Miles has been an energetic member within the Indiana Leather and Fetish Community. As an active Associate Member of the Indiana Falcons and Staff Member of the 501 Eagle, Miles has found his motivation to begin his campaign to help build a better, more supportive and accepting network of individuals, organizations and businesses within the leather and fetish communities.

Miles desire is to see a strong, unified community through combined social activates and group events. As a part of his “IML and Beyond” mission Miles has set up the first of many “Leather and Fetish Mixers” at the 501 Eagle Indianapolis on April 11th, 2015. Miles, along with the Owners and Staff of the 501 Eagle, are inviting anyone and everyone within the Leather and Fetish Communities or other LGBTQ Community to join them for a night of networking and socialization. The upstairs bar opens at 10:00 P.M., while the main bar opens for business at…5:01 P.M..

If there are individuals or organizations wanting to attend please feel free to stop in or even contact Miles through his title page on Facebook (Mr. 501 Eagle 2015, Miles “Milo” McDonald) and let him know you are coming. His Brothers with the Indiana Falcons will be selling the famous Jell-O Shots of the 501, tickets for a 50/50 raffle, baskets of goodies and artwork done by Miles to help raise funds to pave the road to IML and to build a base for Miles chosen charity, The American Cancer Society.

Remembering the communication is the key to any successful culture, do not miss this networking opportunity. Miles want everyone to know that he will be working for our community much longer than his “Title Year” and is looking for to meeting everyone attending on the 11th. He is already looking into more “Leather and Fetish Mixers” for future dates.

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