Mischief in May VII presents Raven Kaldera

Mischief in MayDES MOINES — As one of our spectacular Presenters for Mischief in May VII, Raven Kaldera brings a long list of superlatives and outstanding reviews on his presentations. CIPEX wanted to find out a little bit more about him and maybe get a little sneak peek at the classes Raven will be presenting for us. He was happy to answer our questions and is looking forward to sharing some of his vast knowledge and experience with the kink lifestyle.

1) With your many years involved in the BDSM, transgender, and Pagan lifestyles, do you continue to learn new things? If so, what is the most recent thing you learned?

I always continue to learn new things, mostly from talking to other people who do things differently than I do. I do a lot of interview-based books, and that gives me access to a lot of folks who wouldn’t otherwise get heard. I’ve learned, over time, that when someone is doing something. . . Want to read more? Go HERE to read the whole interview on the CIPEX Blog.

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