Mischief in May Registration Change – Please Read

DES MOINES – Due to a small glitch, there’s been a change in the early registration deadline for Mischief in May-lucky for you procrastinators!

Early Registration will end at Midnight on Sunday, March 3rd. This is valid from Friday March 1 – Sunday March 3 only.  Do not register tonight, February 28th.

If you want to register for MiM, please do the following:

1. Don’t register tonight, February 28th. Wait until March 1.  If you want to pay $75 instead of $50, by all means, register on Feb 28th. I’ll happily take your money. 🙂

2.  You can register online at www.mischiefinmay.com anytime after Feb 28th.

3. Will you be attending the Speed Kink Play Party Friday and want to pay cash? Sure – we’ll take it! I will not be there, but when Master J reads this he will learn that he has been voluntold to take your $50.  See J on Friday for details. Thanks J! runs from floggers

4. Will you be at the munch on Saturday and want to pay cash? Come see me! I’ll be happy to take your money!

5. Have no clue what I’m talking about? Read all about Iowa’s premiere kink event and register at www.mischiefinmay.com.

Thanks everyone. CIPEX appreciates your support.

Iowa BDSM Enthusiasts