Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend title family 2016 sashed

Minnesota Leather Pride

The contestants for 2016 Minnesota Leather Pride. (Photos courtesy of Everett Allen Photography)

MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend 2016, held April 1-3 in Minneapolis, MN, opened the contest on Saturday night with a reminder to “Think Kink” – the 2016 theme for Minnesota Leather Pride. But participants in the weekend – from vendors to volunteers, contestants to judges, attendees from in and out of the state – spent the weekend not just thinking about kink, but celebrating it!

The Minnesota Leather Pride judging panel.

The Minnesota Leather Pride judging panel.

“In spite of the cold temps the second annual Minnesota Leather Pride contest weekend was a hot success!” said Jodi Riches, President of Minnesota Leather Pride. “Much more than just a contest to usher in new and recognize achievements of outgoing titleholders it was truly a celebration of Kink and Leather Pride. The educational workshops and panels, marketplace and social events leading up to the sizzling contest provided wonderful opportunities for members of our diverse local community and visitors from around the US to come together and make great things happen and create smoldering hot memories. This is what the Minnesota Leather Pride board has worked so hard to do and, fueled by the accolades of our supporters, we will continue to do into the future.”

The centerpiece of the weekend was the contest Saturday night for the titles of Ms. Minnesota Leather Pride, Minnesota Leather Sir, and Minnesota Leather boy. Four contestants vied for the sashes. At the end of the night, Roman was sashed Minnesota Leather Sir 2016, Bolt was sashed Minnesota Leather boy 2016, and in an extremely close contest Angie edged Syn for the title of Ms. Minnesota Leather Pride 2016. The winners will compete at Great Lakes Leather Alliance Weekend held October 13-16, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The panel of judges for the three contests consisted of: Head Judge P.J. Knight, Sir Jason Zahlen,

International Leather boy 2015 Tim, International Leather boy 2013 Gator, Ms. Iowa Leather 2015 Lucket, and boy Michael.

Other weekend events included the Opening Reception, Spring Social and Smoker hosted by the Atons of Minneapolis, vendor market by Minnesota Marketplace (toys, clothing, and more made for kinksters by local kinksters), Kink U by Titans of the Midwest, Puppy Mosh by North Star Kennel Club, Victory Brunch and Kinky T-dance. Events were held at venues across the city including the Hampton Inn & Suites (host hotel), The Saloon MN, eagleBOLTbar, and Mason’s.

“I’m humbled by the amount of support that the community has given this weekend over the past few months – from their generosity at the fundraisers [“Catastrophe!” and “Players Auction”] to their enthusiastic presence at the contest!” said Bud Ingram-Lile, Chair of the Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend Committee. “We will continue to strive to produce events that are worthy of the wonderful kink and leather communities in Minnesota.”

Stepping aside as the inaugural Minnesota Leather family was Minnesota Leather Sir 2015 Ivan, Minnesota Leather boy 2015 Woody, and Ms. Minnesota Leather Pride 2015 Aurora – all three went to Great Lakes Leather Alliance in 2015 and returned with the regional titles. Great Lakes Ms. Leather Pride Aurora is competing at International Ms. Leather held April 14-17, 2016 in San Jose. Great Lakes Leather Sir Ivan and Great Lakes Leather boy Woody will compete at International Leather Sir/boy Contest held September 1-4, 2016 in Dallas, TX.