Minnesota Leather Pride 2015 Dog Tag Design Revealed

MINNEAPOLIS – A large crowd had gathered for to see the spectacle that was Mr/Miss Catastrophe (People you would not expect to see in drag) fundraiser on January 10 at The Saloon. In addition to the hilarity and horror (gasp!) of the contest, attendees were treated to a big surprise – a first look at the Minnesota Leather Pride 2015 dog tag design!

Minnesota Leather Pride announced the 2015 theme: American Leather Story on December 15 and put the call out for dog tag designs. Andrew Bertke, Aurora Lee, and Ken Stratman all presented concepts to the Minnesota Leather Pride Events Committee at their January meeting. Presentations were made by the designers and then, after much discussion by those in attendance, Andrew’s concept was selected. After receiving feedback from the board and other members in the leather community, both Andrew and Aurora collaborated together to make some changes to arrive at the final design you see here:


“The three center stripes on the front appear more like they are standing out from the white background field. The white field in the top and bottom will also make the tag stand out better from a dark shirt or leather,” said Andrew.  “I also think that it makes the American Leather Story text stands out more on the black. White also makes this tag look more unique from previous year’s designs, which only had a small amount of white. I wanted the figures on the back to look proud and empowered.”

The 2015 American Leather Story dog tags will be available for sale sometime in February. Look for future announcements about how to get your 2015 Minnesota Leather Pride dog tag!