MiLK – Lunch and Learn, May 13

DES MOINES — MiLK is pleased to present Puppy Play 101 on May 13, 2017 from 12-2pm at the Des Moines Pride Center.

Have you ever wondered what pet play is all about? Or why people do it? Perhaps you’ve felt kittenish or puppy-like and are curious about exploring that further. Your presenters are here to answer your questions. They will touch on the history of pet play; puppy play in particular. They will also discuss puppy and pet play culture, life as a handler and as a pup, and a few other types of pet play.
Bring your curiosity and your questions and join us on Saturday, May 13th 2017.
Your presenters are Miss Sadie Synn, Devan DeSade, Jinxy, and Joy. Together they have 30+ years of lifestyle experience to share with you.

Miss Sadie Synn:
Miss Sadie Synn is a Powerful, Statuesque, Intimidating lifestyle Domme. Standing 6’5″– without heels–she enjoys using her Goddess-like allure to dominate her slaves. Sadie developed a passion for paddles while being trained in Austin ,TX. This led her to be a Master paddle maker, and her craftsmanship has been felt by many lucky bottoms in the mid-west. She specializes in: paddling, boot and body worship, tease and denial, violet wand play, and being a puppy handler. She is always looking to learn and explore.
Sadie has been interviewed by Dr. Sue Storm and for Broadly in Vice Magazine, along with an appearance on the Doctor Susan Block Show. Miss Sadie Synn co-teaches a quarterly Newbie and Novices Orientation, and is a board liason on Central Iowa Power Exchange.
Find her on Twitter: @SadieSynn

Devan DeSade:
Devan is a pup! And a punk pin-up, originally from Denver. They are a furry mutt who is roumoured to be a husky mix. Devan loves digging holes in the dirt, cuddling with stuffies, barking “Bork Bork”, and howling at squeaky toys. Their hooman is Miss Sadie Synn, who ensures Devan’s bowl is full of water and all the hooman stuff, including taking Devan to the Puppy Moshes hosted by Titans of the Midwest. Devan has been active in BDSM around the world for over five years, recently became a presenter, and is a board member of Central Iowa Power Exchange. Devan is a writer at KinkE Magazine, whey they hope to broaden the readers on intersectional feminism and how that plays into consensual misandry, female domination and Queer culture.
Find them at:
KinkE Mag: kinkemagazinecom/author/devan-desade
Twitter: @DevanDesade

Jinxy is an all around switchy type. A hedonist with a twisted/macabre sense of romance & fun, but a heart of gold. They enjoy being a part of an inclusive community within the Des Moines area & traveling to explore other communities/ attend ‘family reunions’ in other parts of the states. As a presenter they enjoy sharing their personal experiences & helping others hone their skills/interests. In the pup world Jinxy is acknowledged as wolf pup/cub. Her wild, ‘lone’ aura makes her intriguing to most handlers and Alluring to other pups. While Jinxy can play well with other pups they will let them know when they’ve over stepped their welcome. Seen as a natural protector & enforcer for pup conduct Jinxy is always ready for a good romp with others.
Can be found at:
Twitter- @grneydjinx
Fetlife: -Jinxy-

Joy is a handler and a sadomasochistic switch with nearly 20 years in the lifestyle but considers herself a perpetual student. Her pup is Freki and they attend pup moshes (puppy play get togethers) whenever they’re able. Joy has spent many years in leadership positions within the local communities, previously a board member of CIPEX and currently a council member of MiLK.
Joy’s interests in the lifestyle are wide and varied, including knife play, humiliation, medical play, scarification, decorative cutting, rough body play and other impact play, consensual non-consent, humiliation/embarrassment, play rape. Her favored relationship dynamic is Owner/property.
You can find Joy on:
Fet Life: JoyUndone.
Twitter: @Their_Joy

Fetlife event page:

Date & Time: Saturday, May 13, 2017 ·11:59 AM – 2:00 PM  
Des Moines Pride Center

1620 Pleasant#244 Des Moines, Iowa 50314   @ map

Cost: Free at this time
Dress code: Vanilla In and Out