MiLK Intensive: Rope and Rough Body Play, June 24

DES MOINES — MILK is excited to bring you our first Intensive presenting KinkMedic and Rocket with a play party to end the night! Four classes with a play party for $50 is a steal!

Registration and Payment Deadline: Friday, June 16th

How to Register: Currently at a Play Party or a Lunch and Learn

Disclaimers: No refunds unless the event is cancelled. We do not except ticket exchanges.

Outline for the day:
8am – 9am – Registration
9am – 10:15am – Pressure Points
10:30am – 11:45am – Dynamic Rope
12pm – 1pm – LUNCH (On your own)
1:45pm – 3:15pm – Rough Body Play
3:30pm – 4:15pm – Rope Torture
4:15pm – 7:00pm – Dinner (On your own)
7pm – Midnight – Play Party (We know you want some time for practical application!)

About the Presenters:
KinkMedic’s years of experience in the military and law enforcement have given him the tools to take play to a much more physical extreme. Anyone can cause someone pain by injuring them, it’s a finer art to hurt someone without actually harming them. He has countless hours of combat control tactics and martial arts training in his tool box, as well as a significant amount of training in human anatomy. All this knowledge and experience combines to make for a very daunting scene. He has enjoyed every opportunity he has been given to share these skills with others in the community, because, “The more we know, the safer we play!” He has presented at Madtownkinkfest in Madison, WI.; Riverbound in Davenport, IA.; The Lab in Minneapolis, MN; LRA & GD2 in Chicago and Spanksgiving in St. Louis, IL. He has also guest lectured at the University of Minnesota to medical students on injuries sustained during kink play.

Rocket describes herself as a switchy, poly, bookish, foodie kinkster. Already passionate about power exchange relationships, she got her start in community kink after moving to the Midwest, and has never looked back. After finding the rope scene in 2014 she’s become an avid rope top with a penchant for hurty stuff and causing strain. An occasional event organizer and rope instructor, she is also a lifelong student.

About the Classes:
Class: Pressure Point – An Owners Manual by KinkMedic
This class focuses heavily on pressure points and how to utilize them to make the most of your scene. There is a significant amount of time spent covering the anatomy and physiology of pressure points, to prevent injury that may result from poor execution. Throughout the class, there will be an open discussion on how to best apply each pressure point to a scene.

Class: Dynamic One Rope Tying by Rocket
Type: Tie-along
Skills needed: Single column tie (a square knot is fine and will be demonstrated)
Rope doesn’t have to be complicated. I promise! In this class we’ll explore all the fun and dynamic work you can do with just one piece of rope, and a single knot. We’ll talk about rope as a tool for whatever mood you’d like to achieve. We’ll also discuss body mechanics, and how to manipulate your bottom on the floor in rope.

Class: Putting the “Rough” in Rough Body Play by KinkMedic
This class is on rough body play. This is an anatomy intensive class that covers the use of various body parts as a striking tool, and the appropriate locations for those strikes. Some pressure points are covered, but the bulk of the class covers safe impact play as it pertains to any contact made between two people without the use of a tool/toy.

Class: Rope Torture by Rocket
Type: Tie-along
Skills needed: Single column tie
Mean shit (with rope):Once upon a time I was under the impression that rope was nice. Happily I learned otherwise, and now you can too! We’ll explore pain, breath and stamina. Calf ties, face ties, and breath constriction, oh my!

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