Midwest Mardi Gras Party

028CLEVELAND, Ohio- March 1st, 2014, Midwest Puppy, Pup Frogger, and the Rock n’ Roll City Sisters joined together at the Phantasy Night Club in Cleveland, Ohio to throw the first ever Midwest Mardi Gras party. It is a fundraiser for the Midwest Puppy travel fund as well as the Rock N’ Roll City Sisters. There were vendors ranging from Guy Weavers Paddles, Sinful Skins Leather Clothing and Accessories, Exile Leather, and Aradia’s Garden. It wasn’t released as to how much money was raised, and one thing I think everyone in attendance can say was accomplished, was history in the making.

On March 1 at Phantasy Night Club, it wasn’t just an ordinary party. It was a party that brought together people of many varying backgrounds and communities. We had goths, leather, kink, men, women, straight, gay, bi, young, old…the list goes on. It was the first time in a long time(to my knowledge anyway) that the local communities were brought together in support of each other.

Having been there, I have to say, that the night started out slow, very few people were there, and the room felt very disconnected. I thought the event was going to be rough. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that there was any clashing or fighting going on, there was just a divide between the groups and there was no blending going on. And I think the breaking point for everyone was during the show. There was a dominatrix scene, and the Mistress used a pup restrained to a cross, and did an impact scene. The room went wild, and I think it was just then that the spirit was broken, and the room came together. Everyone found that there was something that we all had in common, and that was our appreciation for the art of kink and all things sexual. We found that none of us were not any different than the other, we were only different in maybe our choice of partner, and the rest of the evening went well.

The evening was hosted by Miss Cleveland Leather 2014, D’Lyla Rose who did a phenomenal job on the microphone, and looked as beautiful as ever! And after the show, there was a pup mosh, sponsored by Mr. Cleveland Leather 2014, Sir Ben Feathers and The PAAC, and it was quite fun!

Next year, I definitely recommend this event as a must for your calender, as it has a lot of potential, and it is the community’s involvement that will make all of the difference.