Midwest Leather Weekend Wrap Up

Midwest Puppy and Mr Midwest Leather 2012

Midwest Puppy – Pup Hercules and Mr Midwest Leather – Matt Hengle on stage for the first time together with their Midwest titles

ST. LOUIS – This past weekend was the first ever Midwest Leather Weekend in Saint Louis, MO, USA. It was formed by Charlie Schoenherr and Christopher “Tyger Roth who are the Producers of the Mr. Midwest Leather Contest and the Midwest Puppy Contest. Over a conversation at the Bad Dog Bar & Grill they decided that joining their two contests could provide an amazing weekend to the Midwest (and beyond) Leather Community. For those that attended, I think they can attest that it was really a weekend that was something special and many are already planning for 2013! The following are from the men themselves on the weekend.

From Christopher “Tyger” Roth
The Midwest Puppy Contest had been something I have wanted to do for a while. It’s something my partner and I enjoy and there was just no events close, so I decided to step up to the plate and make things happen. It really was something very special with 3 pups competing in a fierce and very close competition and a huge crowd making it a great success. We had pups competing from as far as far away as Seattle for the title and our winner this year was Pup Hercules from Saint Louis, MO. He will be working with the Midwest Family (Mr. Midwest Leather, Mr. Midwest Rubber and Midwest Puppy) to bring more events for the community to Saint Louis and beyond. He also will compete November, 2013 for the ultimate tile at the International Puppy Contest in Tampa, FL. The weekend was a meshing of so many in the community and it was all about brotherhood and fun. Puppy Mosh Pits Friday and Saturday night were quite the show for the attendees as they watched the pups romp and play. Many are already planning to attend and compete next year for the Midwest Puppy title.

From Charlie Schoenherr
the Mr. Midwest Leather Contest needed to continue and I had the opportunity to make that happen several years ago. We had such a great group of men competing this year and Matt Hengle from Lebanon, OH was the victor and named Mr. Midwest Leather in extremely close scoring of the contestants. I’m very proud of all our contestants and look forward to seeing what comes in the future. Matt now will be working with the community here in the Midwest and beyond and prepare for his run at International Mr. Leather next year. With the combination of the two contests we really have the best of all worlds here.

The venue, The Bad Dog Bar & Grill, was definitely welcoming to everyone in for the weekend and went out of their way to make sure the Midwest Leather Weekend was successful. They welcome not only the Leather and Puppy Communities but all aspects of various communities be it rubber, bondage, etc.

In addition to the awarding of the titles over the weekend, several other big announcements were made:

Sir Joseph Mastrapasqua, the co-owner of the International Puppy Contest in Tampa, Fla., honored Tyger Roth Friday night by making him one of the Co-Executive Producers of International Puppy. In his words Friday night, this was something he felt Tyger deserved for his work not only in the Saint Louis Puppy Community but beyond. He has gone out of his way time and time again helping and offering ideas to other Pup Groups and helping to promote them.

Saturday night during the Mr. Midwest Contest intermission, Pup Vidhra was awarded the 2012 Good Puppy award for the Midwest for outstanding presence in and out if puppy gear in the community and upholding that standards of International Puppy. Pup Vidhra has been going out of his way to help the community even working on starting a local group and in the Midwest Puppy Mosh Pit welcoming others and helping them feeling at home. He really exemplifies the traits of a “Good Puppy”

At the end of the Mr. Midwest Leather Contest; Charlie Schoenherr made the announcement that he was also adding a Co-Producer to the Mr. Midwest Leather Contest and named Mike Prater, Mr. Midwest Leather 2011 as the Co-Producer. Mike, Charlie stated had gone above and beyond in his reign doing what he could in the community and helping wherever and whenever he could.

Charlie, Tyger & Mike are already working on plans for an even better Midwest Leather Weekend which will be held October 4,5 & 6 at their host bar The Bad Dog Bar & Grill in Saint Louis, MO. Check out http://www.midwestleatherweekend.com  for more information