Midwest Leather Weekend 2013 Wrap Up

Saint Louis, MO – Hundreds of Leather Men, Women and Puppies converged on the Bad Dog Bar and Grill this weekend for the 2nd annual Midwest Leather Weekend featuring the Mr Midwest Leather Contest and the Midwest Puppy Contest.

Things kicked off Friday night with a packed house for the Meet & Greet and the drawing of the contestant numbers. Mr Midwest Leather had 4 contestants and Midwest Puppy had 3 all vying for a 13 state regional title.

Something new this year, Saturday, were classes throughout day at the Bad Dog including Puppy Play 101 by Papa Woof Roth, Bondage by Sir Robb Lapp, Flogging by Robert Zalinsky and Fire Play by Mike Gaines. All the classes were packed and a good time was had by all.

The big event everyone was waiting for was Saturday night, the 2 contests and all the good times that go along with them. The 2 contests were interlaced and ran concurrently keeping things going and never a dull moment with so many sexy Leather Men and Puppies on stage! It was a tight race for both contests and the new titleholders were crown. Cody Troy from the Cincinnati area came away with the Mr Midwest Leather title and Pup Frogger from the Cleveland area came away with the Midwest Puppy title.

In addition to the 2 titles there were several other awards and announcements through the evening. Sir Jeffrey Payne was awarded the Honorary Mr Midwest Leather award for his years of community service. It was also announced that Jerry Miller would be creating exclusive lines of leather and gear for both Mr Midwest Leather and also Midwest Puppy. Courage Pup received the “Good Puppy” award given for community service by Midwest Puppy and International Puppy. After the “Good Puppy” award was given though the crowd roared with applause and cheers when it was announced that the International Puppy Contest would be moving to Saint Louis and the Bad Dog Bar & Grill starting in 2014.

The crowd was very festive on Sunday at the Victory Brunch even though everyone was exhausted from the festivities of the weekend.

The Midwest Leather Weekend wishes to thank everyone that helped to make such a great weekend. The true feeling of community was alive and well.


Courage Pup receiving the “Good Puppy” award

Midwest Leather Producers and Winners

Midwest Leather Producers and Winners


Midwest Leather judges from left to right – Scott O’Brien, Sir Jeffrey Payne, Karen Ultra, International Puppy 2012 Slavepup Axel, Mr Midwest Leather 2013 Matt Hengle and Midwest Puppy 2013 Pup Hercules


Midwest Puppy Mosh


The Midwest Leather Medallions and Awards

photo credits – Pup Vidhra, Alex Braun & Papa Woof Roth