Midwest Drummer names new titleholders

(Front row) Midwest Drummerboy 2017 Pup Bayard and Midwest Drummer 2017 Brandon Gentry, (back row) judges Eric Kugelman, David Duelwood, Matt Martin, Amendah Leavitt, Miguel Torres and producer Slade Travis. (Photos by Ed Negron)

Contestants Brandon Gentry, Pup Bayard and Michael Sanders.

CHICAGO — Midwest Drummer held it’s second contest at Chicago’s Jackhammer bar on Sept. 22. Brandon Gentry of Chicago took home the Midwest Drummer title and Pup Bayard won Midwest Drummerboy.

(Full disclosure: Pup Bayard is a staff writer for the Great Lakes Den.)

Brandon came out ahead of Michael Sanders, another Chicago resident, for the Drummer title. Bayard was the only Drummerboy contestant but still had to reach a minimum number of points to win the title. There was no bootblack contestant for this year.

Drummer contest titles are open to the spectrum of fetish from rubber, uniforms and leather, to sports gear, military and punk. All Drummer titles are open any cis- or transgender men who identify as gay. The Midwest region covers the states of Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Each contestant performed a fantasy. Amendah Leavitt, one of the judges, said that Brandon’s fantasy focused on sensual touch and spanking with Brandon losing his kilt at the end. Bayard’s fantasy focused on fetish photography and taking the photo subject through the process of embracing their kink. Contest producers Slade Travis and Mr. Leather 6410 2017 TJ Howard also did a scene to give the audience an idea of what the scenes could be like.

The emcee for the contest was Todd Davidson.

The judges were Mr. Chicago Leather 2014 Miguel Torres, Leather 6410 owner Eric Kugelman, Great Lakes Slave 2015 Amendah Leavitt, International Puppy IPTC 2017 Matt Martin and Drummer North America Drummerboy 2017 David Duelwood.

Brandon and Bayard will go on to represent the region at Drummer North America 2018 in Las Vegas this February.