Michigan Women in Leather “Coffee Talk”, Aug. 27

ROYAL OAK — Michigan Women in Leather presents “Coffee Talk”. A monthly discussion of Women and their lives in Leather. Join us as we cultivate and celebrate the Leather Woman in you!

Recently at a local stay and play weekend Leather event Leather Women were not only ignored they were dismissed by the event. Where there had been the chance to celebrate an important part of Leather Herstory, they chose only history. We, the women of Leather in Michigan will RISE not only in numbers but in presence! And we want you to rise beside us!

If you are an established Leather Woman, or you are curious how to become a Leather Woman, join us! Bring your love of Leather, your curiosity of the lifestyle, and your appreciation for community to Coffee Talk where we will be discussing many different aspects of living the Leather Life. This month’s topic will be Leather Families and their relevance in today’s community. Join us as we talk about what a Leather Family is and whether or not it might be for you!

Please remember that this is an event for those who identify as a woman 24/7/365 and who either identify as a Leather Woman or who is interested in becoming a Woman of Leather. Thank you in advance!

Fetlife event page: https://fetlife.com/events/474228

Date & Time: Saturday, August 27, 2016 · 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM  
515 Media Mojo & More

515 Washington Ave, Royal Oak, Mi   @ map

Cost: The cost of coffee or other drinks.
Dress code: Leather if you have it, or street casual.