Michigan Submissives Munch -Two classes! March 2

DETROIT – We are very excited to host _Rapture_ for two classes in one night! This wonderful and in demand presenter has agreed to join us Monday, March 02, 2015 • 7:00 PM –10:00 PM at City Coffeehouse 6623 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan you can RSVP here!
Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your kink relationships and hone or learn negotiation skills!

Seven Ways to Improve Your Kink Relationships
This class will focus on all types of relationships within the realm of the kink world from a slightly different perspective. We all know that communication, integrity, trust, and honesty are important to successful relationships. In this discussion based class, we delve deeper into seven concepts that may assist us with not only our relationships, but a self-evaluation as well. This class will rely on participation in the discussions with the hopes of drawing on the experiences of all, for the good of all.
A Guide to Successful Negotiation for Newbies (and those who think they aren’t)
We hear talk about it all the time: negotiations. What exactly does that entail? For most people new to the world of kink, negotiation can be a very intimidating thing. Dominants want to look strong, submissives want to seem compliant and appealing. It is very easy to get lost in the frenzy that can be our journey into BDSM.
This class is meant to be a basic outline for successful negotiation, and hopefully safe, rewarding, and exciting scenes and play. We will discuss both the “whats” and “hows” of soft and hard limits, safewords, medical conditions, aftercare, and much more. We will provide some resources for you to more successfully negotiate as well as some tips to hold your resolve while negotiating through personal responsibility.

BIO: Rapture, or Thom as he is known by most, has made the metro Detroit area his home for more than 20 years and has spent nearly that long in the BDSM realm. A father of three, a leather craftsman, and an avid sports fan, Rapture is the current vice-president of L.I.F.E.(Leather Institute For Education) Detroit, a long time co-host of monthly BDSM parties Wicked and Dark Nirvana, and long time educator.

Rapture has presented classes all across the midwest and east coast including caning, single tails, impact play, BDSM 101 and safety at events such as Beat Me in St. Louis, Madtown Kinkfest, NELA Fetish Flea, Sinergy, Extreme Lifestyle Alternatives (ELA), GRALE (Grand Rapids, MI), and many more.

Within the lifestyle, Rapture started his journey years ago as a horribly smart-assed bottom and submissive. Realizing that his smart mouth was not conducive to submission, he began switching, and eventually a nearly full time Top/Dominant. While having a wide range of interests in play, his mostly positive experiences as a bottom with canes, and many other things, led to his determination to become proficient with as many of them as possible as a top.