Michigan Submissives Munch Bottoms Buffet, Dec. 13

DETROIT – This event is open to EVERYONE submissive, switch, dominant and everything in between and beyond. An opportunity for bottoms to feel new and different toys, experiences things they haven’t yet, and just have a great time! Tops, Dominants, Masters can learn new techniques and see them in action.

December 13, 2014 5:00pm-7:00pm RSVP

Deviations had been kind enough to donate their space for this Bottoms Buffet and allow us the chance to give a fun and FREE event.

EYEZZofICE69 Rough body play

Fetvest Plastic Wrapping and Straight Jackets

_Twisted_ Knife Play

RinaBee Canes

Rooskie Paddles

MasterGrizly Floggers

Just_Edin Fire Play

TheMtnLioness Needles

MsMidnight Rope

Diashto Air Soft Gun

Come for the Bottoms Buffet and stay for ### Deviations
Deviations Detroit is a dungeon party featuring some of the best dungeon equipment in the state of Michigan! Whether you are just beginning to explore the scene or have been around BDSM for years this is the place for you. Come on out, bring a smile and an open mind and we can guarantee you will not leave without meeting some interesting, albeit somewhat freaky people.

We are open to everyone who is between the ages of 18-91(or more), male, female, gay, bi, lesbian, transgender, cross dresser, and all those in between.

Come to listen to the music, come to meet the regulars and the other new folks who turn up each month, come to play on the equipment, or come to see and be seen! No matter what you tastes and desires this is the place for you; your once a month opportunity to meet and mingle with those of a like mind in the city.