Michigan Submissive Munch N2k Session 2 with Vexie, June 8

This is session 2 of 3 classes designed to help the new to kink become a part of the public kink community. Attending the 1st session is not needed to attend the 2nd.

You find the party, you see the sexy people playing. You want to play too! You say “Would you like to play?” and they say “No thank you”. Now what??? Why won’t anyone play with me?
Learn how Integrity can help you get into play.

Learn a negotiation method that will leave your play partner eager to play with you again.

Limits – You’ve heard people talk about them, what are they? Who sets them? Can they change? Why is it OK for some people to “push limits” and others it’s not?

Consent – Isn’t Yes or No enough? What do you mean there are different kinds?

This class will be taught by Vexie; organizer of Michigan High Protocol Society events and Kinky Convo Munch. A long time veteran of the lifestyle with over 12 years experience in TPE relationships. His favorite sadistic toys are his hands, belt and whips. Favorite kink is dominance. He enjoys the sensuality of fireplay and rope with a bit of sadism.

Fetlife Event Page: https://fetlife.com/events/325120

Date & Time: Monday, June 08, 2015 · 7:00 PM –10:00 PM  
City Coffeehouse

6623 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan   @ map

Cost: What you buy
Dress code: Casual