Michigan Kink Community Unites for Silent Auction Fundraiser in Memory of Damian

DETROIT – The Board of Education is pleased to announce a silent auction fundraiser in Memory of Damian, in conjunction with: Deviations, A2 Polynet, Ann Arbor Kinksters’, Ann Arbor TNG, East End Munch, GLEE, GRALE, Greater Grand Rapids Munch, House of Twin Pillars, The Kinkdom, Last Friday Munch, M24 Munch, Michigan Happy Knots, MI RACK, Michigan Submissive’s Munch, Michigan Thick-N-Curvy, Michigan Whip Society, MiWoman2Woman, Motor City Moonshiners, Oakland County Munch, Port Huron Munch, Rebels Realm, Tri-Cities Munch and The Warehouse.

In Memory of Damian

For anyone unaware of the situation, this sweet little 2 year old lost his life as a result of the violence and shaking by his mother’s boyfriend.

As a community we are seeking to band together to support both a long standing member of our community and to take a stand against abuse.

Auction items will be introduced at Deviations on Saturday, September 21st, and online bidding will be opened. It is likely items will also be available for viewing at the BOE party, as well as other events during that week. Bidding will cease September 29th at midnight. All items will be listed on this profile – InMemoryofDamian.

All proceeds will be given to MastrSar to distribute as he sees fit for Damian’s family’s needs or toward organizations that help survivors and victims. What we are asking for is your support.

Please, if you have items you can donate or know of someone who is willing to donate contact Guardedheart or Liltala.

These do not just have to be kinky items! Please crosspost this to any groups you can! Please BID! We will have some fantastic items up for you to bid on, win, and enjoy!

If you run a group that wishes to be involved as well, we welcome you!  Please contact Guardedheart, Liltala, or Cazadora to get involved.

As a community, let us stand together!