Michigan is LeatherUNITED

LeatherUNITED flyerDETROIT – Three cities. One state. Michigan will be LeatherUnited for one night!

The next LeatherUNITED event will be held on Saturday, March 2, 2013. Three separate cities will be holding a LeatherUNITED event. The locations and times are as follows:

City: Detroit
Location: The Kinkdom, 3650 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI,
(next to Hygrade Restaurant & Deli)
Time: 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.
Hosts: Michigan Band of Brothers

City: Lansing
Location: Esquire Bar, 1250 Turner St., Lansing, MI 48906; (517) 487-5338
Time: 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Hosts: Steven Teets, Mr. Michigan Leather 2013

City: Bay City
Location: Malickey’s Pub, 501 S Madison Ave., Bay City, MI 48708; (989) 372-4017
Time: 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Hosts: RJ Smith, Mr. Leather Michigan 2011

There is NO COVER to attend this event at any location. Snacks and munchies will be available at all the events.

Fetish/Kink Demonstrations are welcome and will be held at the Kinkdom and Esquire!

The Dungeon/Play Space will be open until 4 a.m. as well, so you may bring along your play equipment! You may also bring your own beverage to consume.

For more information on the LeatherUNITED event, please contact Bryon Hayes via email at mrleathermichigan2010@yahoo.com or via phone at (734) 260-2388.

The Michigan Leather Community has had its share of setbacks and struggles over the past several years—many of the bars that supported us have closed; our leather clubs are facing dwindling memberships; less and less of our Community members are going out anymore. To many inside and outside our Community, it appears that Michigan has no Leather Community anymore.  We know this is not the reality of the situation and it is time we came together to change this perception—to show everyone that the Michigan Leather Community is still alive and strong.

In that spirit, an event has been organized, asking our Community to come together and show its strength and solidarity. This event is LeatherUNITED.

LeatherUNITED is not a fundraiser. Leather UNITED is not a bar night. LeatherUNITED is an invitation to all of the Michigan Leather Community to come together and support that which we love. It is designed to introduce new people to our Community, to keep current members of the Community involved, and to remind those who have left the Community why they loved it and why they should become involved again.

Want to be a part of LeatherUNITED, but cannot attend one of the events in a city near you?

If you cannot make the March 2 events, you can hold your own LeatherUNITED in any other location where the Leather Community needs to come out and show support. Already having an event that day? Add the concept of LeatherUNITED to your event.

Similarly, Michigan is not the only Community to have these issues facing them. Members of our Community all around the country and the world to join in on the LeatherUNITED experience. Host an event on March 2 and make it part of LeatherUNITED and bring your community together. Already having an event that day? Add the concept of LeatherUNITED to your event.