Michigan High Protocol Society Formal Dinner, June 5

DETROIT – Have you ever wanted to attend a High Protocol Formal Dinner? Dress in sharp suit or elegant dress eating dinner with friends while your Submissive is dressed in uniform and serves you dinner, pours you wine.

Do you like service? Have you ever wanted to dress in a sexy or dashing uniform and serve your sharp or elegantly dressed Dominant dinner off a silver serving tray with a graceful bunny dip at an beautiful table setting?

Now is your chance!!!

When: Friday, June 5th

Time: 7pm-1am
Guests will arrive at 7pm
Submissives that can be dropped off at 6:30 will be deeply appreciated.

Where: Rochester Hills, MI. Details will be given upon RSVP

Cost: $25 per person

Singles/Unpartnered are welcome to attend. Look Here for our policy.

Due to limited space we will be hosting 15 Dominants and their Submissive. Switches are welcome; pick a role and portray that for the entire evening. Please list both names in the RSVP below. If you are RSVPing unpartnered, please list whether coming as Dominant or Submissive.

All attendees must be Vetted; Click Here to learn how.

If you’re unsure of etiquette or protocol for a High Protocol Formal Dinner, do not worry! After paying for your tickets we will email you a manual that covers the etiquette and protocol expected for this dinner party.

We are having a class on the etiquette and protocol for this dinner. Attendance is not required to participate in the dinner. But it should be more fun 🙂
Click Here for the class event page.

This being the first high protocol formal dinner many of us has attended, we know mistakes will happen. NO ONE will be looked down on for mishaps. We are looking to grow from this experience and HAVE FUN!!!

Menu: This will be a traditional seven course meal. If you have an allergy or other dietary concerns, please email me. We will see what we can do to accommodate you. However, expect that you may have to bring your own substitution.

  • Cheese
  • Salad
  • Soup
  • Pasta
  • Chicken and Vegetable
  • Roast
  • Desert
  • Wine, spirits and coffee.

Michigan High Protocol Society