Metro Detroit Sexytime Parties Munch, July 21

DETROIT — Are you into group sex, sex parties, or swinger parties? Curious about those things and want to learn more? Want to find a great group of people to socialize with? Looking for a event that doesn’t simply just say it is “sex positive,” but truly appreciates and encourages sex at our parties?

Metro Detroit Sexytimes Parties is a sex party group that welcomes people of all races, genders, body types, sexual orientations, roles, and dynamics; we are LGBTIQ+ friendly. We are an excellent choice for people who are new to sex parties, and also people who have experience with them. We place a great emphasis on informed consent, vetting, and safer sex practices, so whether a person has it in mind to play with a partner, meet someone at the party, do BDSM play, or just socialize and observe, they will find a friendly, welcoming, and safer environment. Being a female-led group, we care about having only polite and respectful people who respect consent and make the events a fun and comfortable setting.

Our next munch is Thursday July 21st. Send a message to Sarathien for the location; it is given out only to people I know or have spoke to, who have read the group rules, for the protection of our existing and prospective group members. Get to know the people in the group, and if I don’t know you already, get vetted so you can attend our parties. We look forward to seeing you/meeting you!!!

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