Metro Detroit Sexytime Parties, April 1

DETROIT — Metro Detroit Sexytime Parties is back, and better than ever!

For those who have been curious about or are into swinger or sex parties, we bridge the gap between BDSM parties and those. It’s welcomed for people to play sexually; there’s no chance of people looking down their nose at or judging people for having sex at our party, as there is at others. It’s also welcomed for people to not play if they choose. We make it a safer and no-pressure environment in which one doesn’t have to worry about any high likelihood of people not respecting others’ boundaries, and there is no expectation for anybody to do anything they’re not comfortable with. The people who attend the parties have gone through a screening process, to make it a relaxed and fun setting. We are the original female-led sex-positive party of recent times, and we are dedicated to making the party a fun event in which people feel safe and supported.

We offer crosses, a rope rig, and beds and couches for our guests’ play use. Towels or blankets are required on surfaces that necessitate it, as we believe in cleanliness and consent. The party is BYOB and BYOC, but we do offer a small supply of condoms, gloves, and dental dams, should our guests need them. Social areas are provided, as well as light snacks, water, and nonalcoholic beverages. We offer opportunities for our guests to interact with one another, and facilitate the ability for pick-up-play to be arranged if people so decide. We abhor cliques and exclusive behavior, to help our guests feel valued and appreciated, regardless of whether they play or not.

There is a vetting process to attend this party; please read the rules of the group. Opportunities to meet the group leader (Sarathien) before this party, consist of our monthly munch on March 22rd:

Or any event she is attending before the party, which can be found on her page. Here is the event page for the party:

The link for the group; please join to receive updates:

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to meeting you at our munch or another event.