Meet Your New IMsL 2016: LasciviousJane!

LasciviousJane is no stranger to the international leather community.

“I have been kinky and identified as a leatherdyke for around 20 years, however had a hard time finding a community. In the past 10 years I discovered a kinky community mostly through performing as a burlesque performer or model at events, but it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I truly found leather community.”

What was your motivation to pursue interest within the Leather/Kink communities? What has the community brought you that you do not get anywhere else?

“My motivation was to find a place where I felt I belonged. The kink and leather communities have given me opportunities for growth and learning in ways that are not available elsewhere, they have given me a community of like-minded people who accept me and so many others for exactly who we are, I have also been given the opportunity to use my strengths to serve my community; as a performer, femmecee, educator, and community organizer. The leather and kink communities have brought me more opportunities for service, for growing as a kinkster, performer, and partner, and experiences I would never have gotten to have if I wasn’t part of this community.”

This motivation carries into her passionate endeavors for the IMsL 2016 title year. “I plan to wear my sash or vest everywhere and talk about the women’s leather community, sexual freedom (especially in a political climate that is trying to diminish rights!), and the importance of preserving all our histories. I also want to reach those who were like me hanging out on the fringes and struggling to find their community, and be an open and welcoming face and help them get involved.”

What motivated you to pursue your previous title? What motivated you to pursue IMsL?

“Years ago, I had wanted to run for Ms. Philadelphia Leather because I saw a need for community building, specifically in terms of women’s community, however the decision was made to stop running the contest that year. When it was announced that the contest would be held again in 2015 I was very excited! The Philadelphia Leather community was starting to grow again and I was excited about the opportunity to be a part of bringing our women’s, men’s, and queer leather and kink communities together.”

“My primary goals are to continue to be a bridge builder. Not only between the women’s, men’s, and queer leather and kink communities, but also between us and other communities. I have my heels in multiple communities, through the activism and organizing work I do, through educational and sexual health work I do, and through drag & burlesque performing. I am connected to the TNG community as well as the trans community.”

Do you currently take part in volunteer work?

“The volunteer work I currently do involves a lot of donating my time to perform for fundraisers (always happy to get naked for a good cause!). My own performance troupe, Liberty City Kings Drag & Burlesque, has a strong family value of giving back and most of our monthly shows donate a portion of the door to a local or national organization, in addition to performing at fundraisers and benefits. Both the clubs I am a member of, Queer Leather Alliance and Philadelphian MC, host events that raise money for local organizations. I am also on the board of the Diabolique Ball foundation which puts on Philly’s largest charity fetish ball.”

Is there any advice you would like to provide to other leatherwomen that would like to pursue a title?

“My first bit of advice is to always be yourself. If you are trying to be someone other than ‘you’ the judges will feel that. You are who they want representing our community. So be you. I would also say to do your homework. Know what is expected of you. For any title you are running for, and this is especially important for an international title, attend the contest before you run. Help out, volunteer, go to the interviews if they are public. Really get to know the community and contest you will be representing. Finally, consider why do you want to run. Are you running because you want a title and the perks that often come with it? Or are you running because you want to find new ways to be of service to your community? Maybe you are running simply because it is a requirement of your current title. Know why you want to run and own that.”

LasciviousJane will be present at the International Mr. Leather 2016 competition in Chicago, Illinois, May 26-30, in full Femme force representing the IMsL community.