Meet your IMsBB 2016: Meghan!

Meghan, hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, took to bootblacking early in her leather career.

“From across the room, I saw the Resident Bootblack working on a man’s vest and it was so erotic to me. It ended up turning into almost a scene. From that night, I knew this was what I was meant to do.” Meghan found Leather in 2012 and began bootblacking later that year. Through time and growth, she felt motivated to pursue a title. “One of the very first Bootblacks I met was an IMsBB, and I got to witness her year with love, soul, and passion. It’s something I’ve wanted for a very long time now. It’s so surreal that I’ve not only had time to pursue it, but accomplish this goal with community support.”

What are your primary goals during your IMsBB 2016 title year?

“I would like to spend my year working to elevate the Bootblack community beyond the current perception. Bootblacks are multifaceted community members capable of so much more than just working a stand during an event or bar night. Bootblacks can judge different contests, give keynote speeches and teach classes outside of bootblacking technical skills.”

Her fervor and passion range from skills to opening conversations currently facing the community. “I would absolutely love to see more conversation on gender, inclusive spaces, and creating equal opportunities for smaller groups within the community. It’s so easy to keep things the way they are, but pushing those uncomfortable boundaries and challenging opinions is the only way to learn and grow.”

Would you describe your silliest moment within the Leather/Kink communities?

“Oh geez, this may not be the silliest, but definitely the funniest to me, was when I was doing a Staple Gun Play demo. I had been playing with a friend in the dungeon with staples, and someone came over with an interest. I shot off a few staples in my leg just to show them what it was like. I was sitting cross-legged, and pulled one of them out of my leg. When I did, this mini blood geyser erupted. It was so hilarious and terrifying at the same time!”

Do you think the leathermen and leatherwomen communities are supportive of one another? What are some examples where different people of leather are supportive of one another?

“I absolutely believe the men and women’s communities are supportive of each other. When I bootblack in a new bar, I’ve had folks ask me why I’m there, or why they allowed me in the back room. But any time I’ve come across adverse reactions, I’ve had a dear brother close by that steps in and has my back. Most recently, I was blacking at a contest, and the bar was packed. I had to get my kit to the back room through a sea of maybe 200 men. One of my brothers picked up my kit, grabbed my arm, and cleared a path to the back like a bulldozer. Things that may not seem like a huge deal to some people, really make me feel loved, valued and important.”

“I would absolutely love to see more open minds and an accepting nature. There is no one “right” way to do things, and I think we could benefit from opening our eyes and trying to learn things from others points of view. Not only does it allow us to see how different people live, but it challenges our own way of thinking, and gives us a reason to examine why we choose to express ourselves the way we do.”

Meghan will be present at the International Mr. Leather 2016 competition in Chicago, Illinois, May 26-30, as a judge for International Mr. Bootblack.