MAsT: St. Louis Returns, A New Begining – Aug. 16

ST. LOUIS – The purpose of MAsT is to support, directly and indirectly, those of all genders and all sexual orientations living or interested in engaging in personal relationships that are based upon the conscious exchange of power and authority.

MAsT is therefore dedicated to equipping individuals with tools and resources that will assist them in developing relationships that are healthy, functional, and real. We hope to fulfill that  purpose thru the revitalization of the St. Louis MAst Chapter as a support group that will offer educational and social opportunities for those that wish to explore more about MAst and what it can offer you. There will be no ridged or enforced protocols but an open and accepting forum for growth and learning for everyone so please come and join us for our “reorganizing” meeting on Aug. 16 at 7pm  to discuss the goals and direction that we hope to accomplish for the upcoming months.

RSVP to Pairadox, Tink, CBS or Princessinstl on Fetlife.

St. Louis BDSM – Missouri